SQL Analysis Services goes crazy after Server re-imaging

Not sure if anybody else has experienced Analysis Services getting a little funky after bringing up a new Virtual Server based on an existing Virtual server image. Environment contains three servers PROD, DEV and QA; DEV and QA are mirrors of PROD. all initials installs done on PROD.

Strangeness experienced:

–  When I tried to create an analysis services database on the Dev or QA virtual servers the database would never appear

– When I tried to add a user to the Analysis Servers administrator group, the user would appear to get added but when you reviewed your changes the user vanished

– Processing of the existing cubes resulted in an ‘unexpected error’ occuring

In order to rectify all of the issues we had to unistall the Analysis Services feature from the SQL Server Instance and re-install. I would live to hear if anybody else has experienced issues like these and if there are easier fixes.


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