PPS Cascading Filters Save the Day

The Scenario:

Time Intelligence filter based on a typical date dimension filtering scorecard and Analytical reports, needed to add an Excel Services Report with a Parameter based on the Year attribute of the time dimension. I tried connecting the TI filter to year parameter available in the Excel Services report with a connection formula like: EXISTS([Date].[Years].members, <<UniqueName>>,”MeasureGroup”) expecting it to work, problem was that excel did not like it. Cascading filters to the rescue.

The Solution:

Created a Member Selection filter from the descendants of the Years Attributes, connected the TI filter to the Member Selection filter with the above connection formula, passed the member selection filter to the report, excel is happy again

The Gotchas:

– Cascading Filters filter Nulls, so if you need to return members that are in fact null you need to create a plug measures and set that as your filter measure

– Member Selection filters not based on a Function like Children or Descendants that you pass a connection formula into get created with a ‘With Set’ Expression and not the expected ‘strtoset’ expression and do not work very well (my experience anyway)

Will post a how to shortly.


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