SQL 2012 Release Candidate 0

Just installed SQL 2012 RC0 specifically to check out the new stuff in Power View, have a look at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/robertbruckner/archive/2011/11/17/what-s-new-in-power-view.aspx to see all cool new features, however there are few things that I would have loved to have seen included.

– Support for Hierarchies

– Cards or Tile region slicers, the addition of grid filters is cool, but if you are filtering cards within a region that contains a grid with related measures it does not get filtered.

– Font control within grids and cards

– Image size control

– Dimension attribute aliasing

– The abilty to publish documents that cannot be edited.



2 thoughts on “SQL 2012 Release Candidate 0

  1. Agree – Power View is very nice, and user friendly, but I am especially disappointed by the lack of support for Hierarchies, and an overall neglect of time intelligence. Do you expect these areas to be improved in the near future (RC1 etc.) or is this as good as its going to get for a while?

    1. hi Matt,

      to be honest i do not know, i would expect that rc1 will have some improvements but they may wait until the first service pack before delivering any giant KaPows. was also thinking that for tablular models the ability to assign a picture property to dimension members would be better than having only one picture member that is the representation of the dimension, you could then have a hierarchy of attributes that contained an image and the name.

      thanks for the comment


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