SSRS SharePoint 2013 Create Service Application error: Could not find SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\110 registry key Error

This post falls under the category, things to remember when installing the Reporting Services SharePoint add-in for SQL 2012

In order to get SSRS for SharePoint to work the RS Add-in must be installed on all app servers in the Farm, if you are averse to waiting for huge .iso files to copy from server to server, the pain of the SQL Installation and decide to download the SQL Server® 2012 SP1 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft® SharePoint don’t. This installer does not create the required registry setting on the app servers where you have not installed the full SSRS for SharePoint Integrated Instance. Use the SQL Server installation .iso select the RS Add-in for SharePoint from the feature selection and things start to work, more up front work, much less back end pain.


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