Power BI On Demand Webinar

Once again it has been ages between posts and this one is a shameless plug for the company I work for, Dimensional Strategies.  We have created a great On Demand webinar for Power BI,  here’s the link and a synopsis of the webcast

Power BI Webcast

Power BI for Office 365 brings Self-service analytics for all your data to the business

Log on to DSI’s on-demand preview and learn how your organization can unleash Interactive Power View dashboards to:


Discover and Combine – Gary in Finance can find, connect to, explore, and compile data easily from various sources

Model and Analyze – Mary your Analyst can Bring the power of in-memory analytics and flexible modeling into Excel with Power Pivot.

Share and Collaborate – Sharon and Marc can use collaborative Power BI sites quickly to share live reports and custom data sets with the rest of the team.

Get Answers and Insights – Graham in Marketing can Ask questions and get back instant answers with the new Q&A feature.

Visualize – See your data in new ways with bold interactive visualizations in Excel using Power View and Power Map.

Access Anywhere – Stephane from Sales can stay connected from anywhere, on any device, with mobile access to his key live and interactive reports.


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