MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook

I have recently had the opportunity review the Book, MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook, the Latest in a series of MDX Cookbooks written by Tomislav Piasevoli and Sherry Li

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I am a fan of the cookbook approach when it comes to learning MDX. Analysis Cubes are built to answer common business questions, the recipes in this cookbook deliver methods and techniques to help business Intelligence professionals answers these questions and deliver the goods.  MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook does not assume that the reader has a working knowledge of MDX providing basic recipes in the first chapter to build a foundational knowledge of the language. Each subsequent chapter of the book builds upon this foundation adding new tools and techniques to the readers MDX arsenal;

including common requirements like

  • Time intelligence
  • Percentage Calculations
  • Moving Averages
  • Ranking
  • TopN/BottomN Reporting
  • Conditional Formatting of Data

For what it is worth, I would recommend this book to anyone that works with multi dimensional databases regardless of their experience with MDX, I know I am happy to have a copy!