Power BI v Next only 2 more Sleeps

Two more sleeps until Power BI v Next!

New features have been slowing making there way into Power BI and I plan to add too what I am sure will be thousands of blog posts about this very exciting reboot of Microsoft Power BI.


Power BI On Demand Webinar

Once again it has been ages between posts and this one is a shameless plug for the company I work for, Dimensional Strategies.  We have created a great On Demand webinar for Power BI,  here’s the link and a synopsis of the webcast

Power BI Webcast

Power BI for Office 365 brings Self-service analytics for all your data to the business

Log on to DSI’s on-demand preview and learn how your organization can unleash Interactive Power View dashboards to:


Discover and Combine – Gary in Finance can find, connect to, explore, and compile data easily from various sources

Model and Analyze – Mary your Analyst can Bring the power of in-memory analytics and flexible modeling into Excel with Power Pivot.

Share and Collaborate – Sharon and Marc can use collaborative Power BI sites quickly to share live reports and custom data sets with the rest of the team.

Get Answers and Insights – Graham in Marketing can Ask questions and get back instant answers with the new Q&A feature.

Visualize – See your data in new ways with bold interactive visualizations in Excel using Power View and Power Map.

Access Anywhere – Stephane from Sales can stay connected from anywhere, on any device, with mobile access to his key live and interactive reports.