Power View Really Improved in Office 2013

I Have recently had the opportunity to experiment with Power View embedded directly in Excel 2013. I can happily say that Power View has come a long way since the initial public release with SQL 2012 RTM, and would like to share a couple of things that I think are pretty cool.

  • Power View now supports Map visualizations with Bing Maps
    • You tell Bing where the data should go by placing members with location values in the Locations area or by placing longitude and latitude members in the provided fields.

PowerPivot 2013 allows you to assign geographical categories to your Column to help Bing geocode

  • You can add Multiple Members to the Axis in Charts and Graphs giving users the ability to drill through into greater detail by double clicking. The interface also provides the ability to navigate back to the previous level

  • Drill Down available in the Matrix table type,, providing an interactive pivot chart like experience


SQL 2012 Release Candidate 0

Just installed SQL 2012 RC0 specifically to check out the new stuff in Power View, have a look at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/robertbruckner/archive/2011/11/17/what-s-new-in-power-view.aspx to see all cool new features, however there are few things that I would have loved to have seen included.

– Support for Hierarchies

– Cards or Tile region slicers, the addition of grid filters is cool, but if you are filtering cards within a region that contains a grid with related measures it does not get filtered.

– Font control within grids and cards

– Image size control

– Dimension attribute aliasing

– The abilty to publish documents that cannot be edited.