SSRS 2008R2 SharePoint Integrated Report Viewer URL Parameters

Found this handy post outlining the the correct format for creating a URL to render a SSRS report hosted in SharePoint integrated mode.

Very handy for creating Go To URL Actions, speaking of which if you want to open your report in a new window check out the post below.



Auto Refresh SSRS Reports in SharePoint 2010 Part II

So it turns out that refreshing all reports on a dashboard may not provide you with the desired user experience; Content Editor to the rescue.

Add a Content Editor Control web part to your Web Page

First find the ID of the Refresh Button on on the SSRS webpart tool bar of the report to be refreshed; I used IE Developer tools to find the ID.

Once you have the ID,  add the following script to the content Editor control and every 60 seconds the report gets refreshed.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

function refreshReport()
var btn = document.getElementById(“ID Goes Here“);;

setInterval(‘refreshReport()’ ,60000);